Power And Potency Of Groups

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Leadership Observations
In order to be effective, group leaders must be aware of the power and potency of groups. The leaders in Restore were sensitive to group members and where they were in the process. This same consideration was displayed in our class; a good balance of sensitivity and gentle challenge to be involved in the process. It was evident in Restore which facilitators were the better equipped, more passionate and skilled. They were confident and utilized their skills to assist members to find real healing. Restore is a thoughtfully planned out fully fleshed out program. I felt most of the facilitators displayed the potential to combine their training and passion to help members foster healthy behavior changes, were able to encourage positive peer reinforcement, challenge the members in self-expression and disclosure and feel safe about it. The leaders in Restore gave some instruction and suggestions and lots of information for members to make choices and to choose well. Imparting information (reference Yalom’s Curative Factors) facilitators they seemed comfortable with being direct with members, to challenge and educate them on their ineffectual thought patterns, providing them with a sense of reality checking.
My Group Experience in Light of Yalom’s Curative Factors
Yalom offered that it was the identified eleven therapeutic (or, curative) factors that, when present in any therapeutic group, facilitated change. Each serves a unique purpose and encourages…
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