Power And Potency Of Groups

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Leadership Observations In order to be effective, group leaders must be aware of the power and potency of groups. The leaders in Restore were sensitive to group members and where they were in the process. This same consideration was displayed in our class; a good balance of sensitivity and gentle challenge to be involved in the process. It was evident in Restore which facilitators were the better equipped, more passionate and skilled. They were confident and utilized their skills to assist members to find real healing. Restore is a thoughtfully planned out fully fleshed out program. I felt most of the facilitators displayed the potential to combine their training and passion to help members foster healthy behavior changes, were able to…show more content…
Universality –This serves to assist in removing the feeling of “I am the only one going through this.” Certainly in Restore that was displayed as even a visitor seemed relieved when the speaker testified to her need to feel accepted by everyone. In our class it was displayed when we could look at each other in the group and realize most of us were on the same level playing field. This was validated when our class realized we were all feeling awkward at times and reluctant to speak or offer observations. I suspect that the relief that one feels just being in a group of people openly admitting they are flawed (or untrained, in our case) can bring some measure of comfort with self, or at least the situation. Altruism – Even the person that has low self-esteem can feel uplifted and more worthy in themselves when they are offering help. Giving to another whose situation is similar, as one who has found coping strategies or skills that has led to their healing or betterment. In Restore this is done really well. I saw more seasoned attendees reaching back for those who were just beginning the journey. Throughout the introductory testimony/teaching, as well as the open group there was a sense of the facilitators enjoying offering helpful information and insights. Thus supporting this altruism factor. For our class, as well, I could see confidence in what and how built over the semesters as we shared and formed a greater sense of community
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