Power And Wealth Spheres From The North And North East And South ( Ikenberry )

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Ikenberry begins his article stating that power and wealth spheres are moving from the North and the West to the East and the South (Ikenberry, 56). Moreover, he explains that the modern rising states are large non-western developing countries such as China or India (Ikenberry 57). Ikenberry contemplates that the global economic slowdown and the different set of cultural, political and economic experiences gives way to the belief that the liberal world order is ending (Ikenberry, 57). However, Ikenberry dismisses this thought, as he believes that emerging great powers will want to maintain the basic rules and principles of the liberal world order (Ikenberry, 57). Ikenberry asserts that the power transition of North and the West to the East…show more content…
As he notes that over the last half century, the international order has assimilated many rising powers into the political and economic landscape (Ikenberry, 58). Ikenberry claims this international order, or liberal order, is built upon the system of Westphalian relations (Ikenberry, 60). Furthermore, the liberal order became established when Britain advocated free trade (Ikenberry, 60). After the great wars, in the twentieth century, the United States took reign of the Liberal order and pushed liberal ideologies upon the world (Ikenberry, 60). Such leadership is seen through the creation of the UN, which created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Ikenberry, 61). Notions of rights, sovereignty and global order followed, leaving us with the concept, as Ikenberry put it: “the responsibility to protect” (Ikenberry, 61). The United States led Liberal order expanded further with the development of multilateral institutions, alliances, free trade deals, and client states (Ikenberry, 61). Consequently, the United States created an order of ideals about markets, openness, and social stability (Ikenberry, 65). However, from these ideals states such as China have risen in power greatly, which creates worry in neighboring states (Ikenberry, 65). Nevertheless, China cannot act aggressively unless it is willing to face severe backlash (Ikenberry, 65). As a result,
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