Power Animal Butterfly Research Paper

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“In the Shamanic belief everything is alive and carries with it power and wisdom.Power animals are an essential component of the Shamanic practice.” Power animals don't have to be a mammal, they can be a reptile, insect, or sea creatures.The butterfly is a majestical creature. One that transforms, that has great balance in its life, that has the grace of a air, that accepts all changes. This is the power animal that has a great influence in my life. The butterfly is one of many things. Within its small body there lies the capability of transformation. They will take a dark and nasty habitat and make it appear to be stunning. They are a beautiful specimen that is oblivious to its surroundings. They lurk in the darker area but that is how you tell their true beauty. They bring a balance for the drury dark and the beautiful colors.They have such great since to make something…show more content…
Might not have been into a blooming beautiful creature but it was into a more mature and kind person. Throughout life it's been taught that you have to do right and do good and make yourself a better person for society when you get older. So I have learned and transformed my person to fit the environment that I will have to adapt to. To cope with the environment that I was put in I have had to make a balance between insanity and peace. I have learned to make the world my playground and make people like the air between my fingers and just let them balance out everything wrong. Just like you have to make yourself graceful on this harsh world, you have to do things to help it and keep this world going. I made myself learn how to accept the change around me. Ever since I was little we have moved around and my environment has always been changing and evolving. It has always been up to me to keep myself content so I made the world my canvas. I have painted it with my presents many of times and I will continue to do so for many more
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