Power, Authority, And Authority

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Power and authority organize people in bureaucratic structures. The hierarchical structure of these organizations dictates the scope of authority that each individual has relative to their respective position. Standardized rules, methods, and procedures within the bureaucratic structure stimulate strict discipline as an essential element for success. The organizations are impersonal places to work and do not conform to the needs of the workers. Historically, power and authority in bureaucratic structures has limited individual personal decision-making, restricted individual opportunities for creativity, denied individual opportunity to develop a sense of self and restricted the potential for diversity in the workplace in public administration. Power and authority are different concepts; however, the terms function reciprocally in the bureaucratic structure of an organization. The organization’s power is centered at the top and the authority flows from the top down through ordered levels of management: from senior executives to regional managers to departmental managers and supervisors who work with the frontline employees. Authority and control from different levels of hierarchy within a bureaucratic structure are defining to the entire purpose of the organization. All departments have organizational charts, and everyone understands who is in charge and their responsibilities. Job descriptions are detailed and specialized and management monitors outcomes, which in turn

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