Power, Authority, and Influence Brandmarker Case Study. Essay

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Power, Authority, and Influence BrandMarker Case Study. SUBMITTED BY: S. L. REAMS MGT302 :: Org. Behavior and Teamwork Module 2 – Case Assignment Trident University 05 August 2013 CEO Tom Morris and his team are about to face consequential challenges. The first obstacle that needs to be overcome by Tom Morris and his team is the replacement of the old head of the division, John Goodwin. Since the latter has spent his last ten years as head of the Corporate Identity Marketing Division, it may seem quite obvious that a change with regard to this position is not an easy one to get used to. It can be assumed that the CIM team has been growing stronger together over the last decade, not only on a performance…show more content…
This unrest could affect employees on many varying levels. It may divide the workforce into two categories; those who support the change and those who prefer the current way of business which could possible lead to an 8% increase in employee dissatisfaction due to the breakdown of interpersonal relation between peers. (Chapman, nd) This could also change the company policies and administration, as well as a large quantity of the work itself. Thereby, leading to a possible 40% increase in employee dissatisfaction. If change is not made, the company does face a loss in prosperity and hindered growth. (Chapman, nd) Initially, Tom Morris needs to identify the risks and rewards of both courses of action in order to begin to find a solution. If the current working order is suitable and showing mediocre performance, then the need for immediate and drastic change is not completely necessary at this time. Therefore, leaving more time to delve further into the issue. I would also recommend to Tom, that he needs to sit and speak personally with his employees and try to understand the corporate change from their perspective and understand why it is that the employees resist change. There could possibly be factors that can be easily overlooked from the CEO chair. Once this is understood then its mandate depends on the future of the company to determine whether it is beneficial or detrimental. Tom could also
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