Power Bases Kim Jong Il

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Power Bases Coercive Power: Kim Jong-Il A coercive leader leads through fear and intimidation. The key fundamental in this leadership style is making your followers aware that their failure will ultimately cause some form of punishment. This can take many forms and has been demonstrated on many scales through history. Your boss at work that punishes you with extra work should you fail to succeed at a task is one example. I believe the most coercive leader in our world today is Kim Jong-Il. Kim Jong-Il has been the “Supreme Commander” of North Korea since 1997. His leadership style was shaped through a strict military background. His beliefs in himself are somewhat vain to most, but the people of North Korea will literally…show more content…
The population accepts him as a member of their family because of the fear he instilled in past generations. I dare say he went so far with his coercive style that he no longer even needs to be that way. The people were forced for so long to accept him as their leader and supreme commander that they no longer have any other thought in their head. He has totally blocked all internet and media transmissions into North Korea. No news gets in and you can guarantee that very little gets out. Outsiders are not welcome to visit North Korea unless they are escorted by officials of the Government everywhere they go. While his coercive style may have shaped his rule in North Korea it has in some form shifted into a more Legitimate Power. While generations past may have feared Kim Jong-Il the population of North Korea today loves him as their leader. Where some societies look to religion to fill their spiritual needs, North Koreans look to Kim Jong-Il for the same satisfaction. While he may have had no right to rule in the beginning and his coercive style solidified his position he is certainly showing Legitimate Power in today’s world. It will be a terrible loss for the people of North Korea when they lose Kim, but at the same time it may be the best thing that ever happened to them. While their minds are warped from years of coercive abuse they now accept that Kim Jong-Il has the right, by virtue of position, to make demands and expect
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