Power Behind Dreamcatchers

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Dreamcatchers are supposed to keep the bad dreams away. Little kids are given these when they are young to keep the night terrors away. Most people don’t even know their background or origin. The lack of this knowledge leave people to believing in something less special than it could be. It is important for them to realize the knowledge and power behind the dreamcatcher. Dreamcatchers are made the way they are to let the positive dreams slip through the holes, to glide down the feathers to the sleeping person below. Negative dreams would get caught in the web, and got away when the first light from the sun hit the dreamcatcher. This is why you must have the dream catcher above your bed at night. The hoop of the dreamcatcher is a symbol for strength and unity from Native Americans of North America. Then other tribes think that the positive dreams get stuck in the web, and the negative dreams go through the holes in the web. Dreamcatchers are a tradition of Native American…show more content…
Shaped in a circle to show the giizis travel from each day a crossed the sky. These dreamcatchers are not meant to last very long. The willow will eventually dried out and created tension with the sinew. The dreamcatcher finally collapses. This tribe believes that this is supposed to happen. Believing in temporary-ness of the youth. Adult dream catchers should be created with woven fibers. This is to reflect that adults dreams. In Canada and the Northern U.S. its custom for the dreamcatchers to be made in the tear drop form. There are many legends of the dreamcatcher, each involving the teaching of a spider. The spider is doing almost the exact same thing in each legend. In one legend the spiders is Iktomi, the great trickster, teacher of wisdom. Lakota the old spiritual leader was being taught a lesson about the web that Iktomi was spinning and then gave him the web to bring back to the
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