Power Can Escalate A Situation Substantially, Leaving Many

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Power can escalate a situation substantially, leaving many may feel undermined and otherwise oppressed by those who are wielding this weapon. Power is the cause of segregation and misery throughout many generations. Power causes major diversity throughout races by counteracting the progress that the African American society makes. The goal for the African american society is to get equal treatment and status this infuriates the White Supremacist society. Racism is what counteracts the struggle that the African American society goes through for equality. Racism is defined as “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to…show more content…
For example, Bailey says, “‘The good Lord give me another day, and I’m thankful.’”(122). This quote represents the fear that the white society put in Bailey. The hunting of the African American men by a radical anti-African American group of White men as well as the insulting treatment the African get in everyday society is just the start of Bailey’s fears. Uncle Willie having to hide from the White men in town who gather is a great representation of the radical’s power. The author uses these actions to appeal to the readers to further their knowledge of the racism that went on in the time period. The mental effects of racism are built by the social standards that are automatically set by white power to make African American fear any thoughts of rising against oppression. Leading African American society to be mentally oppressed to feel inferior compared to the white population. Although, those who understand this demeaning tactic overcome the challenging oppression through education and a formal demeanor.This is supported by Mama’s immense knowledge. Although being from the race and gender she is in this time period she has a plethora of knowledge yet she is one of the few. As Marguerite explains “She appealed to me because she was like people I had never met personally. Like women in English novels who walked the moors (whatever they were) with their loyal dogs racing at a respectful distance.”(95) the exemplification of anything being possible.

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