Power, Control and the Cycle of Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic violence has been plaguing our society for years. There are many abusive relationships, and the only question to ask is: why? The main answer is control. The controlling characteristic that males attribute to their masculinity is the cause to these abusive relationships. When males don’t have control they feel their masculinity is threatened and they need to do something about it. This doesn’t occur in just their relationships, but rather every facet of life. Men are constantly in a struggle for power and control whether it is at work, home, during sports, or in a relationship, this remains true. So the only way for them to get this power is for them to be “men”; tough, strong, masculine, ones that demand and take power. Where…show more content…
When people believe in an idea they play their role in that idea. In this idea that has become “true” in society, women play their roles as helpless beings that are controlled by the all powerful man. Now this might not be true for all women but it is true for some. Even when it isn’t true as Johnson states “they stand out as an exception because male dominance is the rule.(249)” Meaning if a women does something there will always be this idea that it’s great because they are a women. This is like saying women are disadvantaged due to their sex so if they can do something great, it’s amazing. She also has the constant doubt and must prove she can do her job. This idea creates gender inequality throughout every part of life, even relationships.
Relationships are an interesting spot for gender roles because there are so many types of people and so many types of relationships. There is the uptight girlfriend, the controlling boyfriend, the “on again off again” couple, and so on. Even though there are so many types of relationships they all come down to one thing, control. Relationships are interesting because they go against many of the “rules” in other areas because women have control, to an extent. According to Johnson “heterosexual men are encouraged to use women as badges of success to protect and enhance their standing in the eyes of other men” (260)” while Michael Kimmel states a contradictory idea that “men are untamed animals that wreak havoc and women tame

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