Power Crisis in Tamilnadu and Remedial Measure to over Come

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The Power Crisis in Tamil Nadu Viable Remedial Measure to Over Come K Chandrasekar1* C Bharath Kumar2 Load shedding which was originally meant for an hour or so, has now been extended to Abstract: Electric generation system in Tamil Nadu is suffering with a serious problem of load shedding, power shortage due industrial and technological development without having any proper intension for increasing the resource of power. But we have the immense resource to fulfill our power need. As India is subtropical it can get a year around light energy and this energy can be used as power resource for the production of electricity. As it is a non exhaustible resource it can give year around output of power. Our nuclear mission is only to increase…show more content…
   Non-Stringent/Over-usage of power by the Consumers/Public:Awareness must be created in the minds of the consumers, to use power stringently. Wastage of Power in Functions: Both in the private functions and public functions steps must be taken to reduce over-use of decorative lights etc.  Shortage of Power Generation/Supply:- At Neyveli, the workers are on agitation/strike on various demands, which affects thermal power generation.  Tamil Nadu is at present getting only 7,195 MW of of power against the MW. requirement     8,000 Year Electricity production Rank Percent Change 0.00 % 2.61 % 1.75 % 13.25 % 5.50 % 0.00 % 8.79 % Date of Information 2001 2001 2002 2003 2004 2007 est. 2007 est. 2009 est. renewable. We are wasting the renewable resource like hydro power in which India can alone produce 1, 48,701 Megawatts but we are producing only 36,878 MW. A. Our rank in production of electric power is 5th. Electricity - production: 723.8 billion kWh (2009 est.) 2003 533,300,000,000KW 7 2004 533,300,000,000 KW 7 2005 547,200,000,000 KW 7 2006 556,800,000,000 KW 7 2007 630,600,000,000 KW 5 2008 665,300,000,000 KW 5 2009 665,300,000,000 KW 5 2010 723,800,000,000 KW 5 Table1: Gives the last 7 year electricity production in India[1] Wind mills are supplying 1,500 MW Hydel sources 1,000 MW Thermal 2,520 MW Power stations using gas are generating 321 MW. The state is getting 1,754 MW from the central pool, besides 100 MW from

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