Power Elite

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The Power Elite In the modern world, most of the countries have democratic government, which means that decisions are made by the people, who rule and govern the state. However, there is not a single state that practices perfect democracy due to different reasons. Governments are too big, which makes it very complex for every citizen to have a voice in decisions. Or, governments are claimed to be democratic, but in practice they can be close to authoritarian or even totalitarian regimes where one person has a power to make and enforce laws. Political power is not allocated evenly among all members of society, so, in this or that way, governments tend to fall in the hands of the few, whom we can call the elite or the power elite.…show more content…
The elite do respond to the people, when it chooses to do so, or when its position is threatened. The chief executives, i.e. the big corporations play a significant role in decision making as they make the power elite and have a vast influence in the economy. Corporations can affect the taxes by raising the prices for the products, hence affecting the quality of life by production of products and wages of workers; change the environment by chemical wastes and other environmentally unfriendly chemicals. And the third group – the warlords or the high military leaders gained their power during the times of the Cold War. The danger of potential enemies, the demands of foreign affairs and the development of the means of mass destruction have given the military the power to be in the dominant power elite. Even though the power elite make a small circle of few ruling the rest, they do not manipulate events in their own self interest. The elite, for the most part, respects liberties and follows the constitutional principles, it is not a dictatorship and usually acts in peaceful ways and openly to the public.[7] On the contrary the pluralist view claims that government is ruled not by single elite, but there are a number of elite
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