Power Factor Correction Using 8051

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It gives us an immense pleasure to write an acknowledgement to this project report, a contribution of all people who helped us realize it. We take this opportunity to express our respectful regards to our beloved principal Dr.N.C.Hiremath for permitting us to do this project. We express our deep sense of gratitude and appreciation to our beloved HOD Prof.S.B.Patil for this enthusiastic inspiration and amicable in all phases of our project. With due respect we would like to express my sincere thanks to our project guides Prof.H.R.Zinage and Prof.S.M.Mukare for their sterling effort and timely giddiness, their patience in solving our doubts which kept cropping up in due course of our project needs special credits.…show more content…
The advantages of using the microcontroller is the reduction of the cost and also the use of extra hardware such as the use of timer RAM and ROM can be avoided. This technology is very fast so controlling of multiple parameters is possible; also the parameters are field programmable by the user. The electrical engineering and its applications are the oldest streams of Engineering. Though these systems are quite reliable and cheaper, it has certain disadvantages. The electro mechanical protection relays are too bulky and needs regular maintenance. The multifunctional is out of question. Recently, the technical revolution made embedded technology cheaper, so that it can be applied to all the fields.

2. Objective of the project The Automatic Power factor Correction device is a very useful device for improving efficient transmission of active power. If the consumer connect inductive load, then the power factor lags, when the power factor goes below 0.97(lag) then the Electric supply company charge penalty to the consumer. So it is essential to maintain the Power factor within a limit. Automatic Power factor correction device reads the power factor from voltage and current, calculating the compensation requirement switch on different capacitor banks. So in our work we are going to design a control panel which will provide a nearer unity Power Factor When Plant

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