Power In Being Particular Essay

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The Power in Being Particular
The great taboo in modern culture is to believe too strongly in one opinion or another. There is a great call to choose sides, be decisive on an issue, carry a flag. We find ourselves in a perpetual game of tug-o-war that leaves both sides muddied and stagnant. In choosing a side of the rope to pull we forfeit our ability to think for ourselves, to discern personal values, and to uncover morality that truly speaks to our experience. There is great wisdom and intelligence in the world, if only we can learn to put down the rope.
In the fast-paced world of internet, cell phones, and television, it becomes increasingly easier to let people think for you. Almost any stand someone takes on any issue there are statistics,
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We are better able to discern fact and fiction, love and fear, insecurity and strength. There is an opportunity to present fresh ideas and perspectives as opposed to recycling concepts that, while useful, have yet to lead us to any fruitful conclusions. Being particular is not about swaying someone to our side, but in defining personal perception and applying it to our interaction with the world around us. When we begin to develop the ability to associate our personal triumphs, mistakes, faults, and value with intelligence and wisdom, we open ourselves to a greater understanding. We grow in our compassion to forgive ourselves, and others, our ability to listen, perhaps without understanding, but when we are secure in our personal convictions we no longer have to understand everything right away. We can be secure enough to slow down, process, and apply emotion, words, comfort, or condemnation. The power in developing particularity is in the ability to go underneath the information around us and connect with the wisdom within our individuality. As with all power, there is the ability to create and grow, or close off and destroy. The greater power to be found in that choice, is the ability to understand
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