Power In Iran

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In politics, power is the ability to influence or control the behaviour of people. The term ‘authority is often used for perceived as legitimate by the social structure. (Greiner and Schein, 1988) On the surface the U.S and the Iranian governments seen to have a lot in common, when it comes the president they are elected by popular vote, a strong legislature and the powerful judiciary(Inside Iran - the structure of power in Iran | terror and Tehran | FRONTLINE, 2000). When discussing the power held by the president of both Irian and the U.S. It is clear from the begging that it is clear to see that there are many depts. And levels to the contrasts of each presidency style and they use, perceive and have control over the amount of power that…show more content…
According to Irian’s constitution the supreme leader is responsible for the delineation and supervisor of ‘the general policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran’. Unlike the US president who takes the power of legislation and is the executive leader, in Irian it isn’t the present who has the power to make the important decisions. It is the supreme leader with the wide range of authority. The Supreme leader is seen to have the ultimate power the determine the interest of Islam and mediate between executive, legislation and judiciary. The Iranian government is to ensure that there is no single leader powerful enough on his own to pose a serious threat to the Supreme Leader’s control of the regime, and that the only groups of leaders who could do so serve exclusively at the Supreme Leader’s pleasure or are controlled by other groups the Supreme Leader selects. Whereas in America all this is down to the…show more content…
Only the president is elected by a single national constituency and all powers is vested in office (McKay and Professor of Government David McKay, 2013, p. 213). This is centrally placed which coheres that public expectations are high. The president is elated for a four year term which is limited to completing to full terms in office. When assessing the power in which the American president holds compare to the Iranian President it seems to uphold a great amount of powers somewhat like the ‘Supreme leader’ of Irian has. Although within the American system there are ‘checks and balances’ by which each bench can keep to other two branches from invading its constitutional powers. (McKay and Professor of Government David McKay, 2013, p. 213) This is where the senate can disapprove top-level presidential appointments and refuse to ratify treaties. The two chambers of congress acting together can impeach and convict and also remove the resident and also federal judges from office. However the president has the power to veto any of the acts done by the congress, and only if over 2/3rd of the chambers can override this veto. This shows that the power of the president is great however du the checks and balances it is able to divide powers to all areas of the political and decision making structure. Therefore it can be seen that the power of the president can be
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