Power Influence and Politics

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Leadership and Management

BUSM 3195

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Introduction 2

Methodology 2

Politics 2

Power 3

Sources of Power 4

Conditions for Using Power 5

Power and Politics 5

Empowerment 5

Empowering others 6

Building a strong positive culture through empowerment 7

Empowerment builds trust 8

Influence 10

Methods of Influence 10

How leaders influence effectively 12

Barriers to Influence 13

Outcomes of Influence Attempts 14

Conclusion 15

Reference List 16

Leadership is defined in Gardner (1990) as the process of persuasion and examples which an individual induces a group to take action that is according to the leader’s purpose. In today’s ever-changing environment,
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Leaders should know that the key to a successful organisation is using empowerment at all levels. These leaders not only inspire those around them, they empower those individuals to step up and lead. They are capable to attract talented people and match the employees’ activities with shared goals, as they empower others on their team to lead by taking greater challenges which gave the employees a deep inner satisfaction (George et al., 2007). It is important for leaders to empower their people as successful leaders gain more power through empowerment (Hackman & Johnson, 2004). However, in one of our research we noticed that too often the management empower their employees for the wrong reason.

For example, the management is too busy to make all decisions in the organisation, thus they empower their employees to make those decisions on their behalf. In most cases, these employees are incapable to make the decisions for the management due to their lack of knowledge and skills. This may reflects badly on the management as it shows incompetence of the management. It is true that empowerment cannot be taught overnight. Therefore, it is important for organisations to know when is the right time to empower their employees so that power is not misused.

When leaders empower their employees, it is important to let them know that the authority given to them must not be misuse. To prevent such incident,
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