Power Is A Good Thing Or Bad?

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Power When I interviewed Kalie Menders the president of SGA, I first asked her questions about power. Holding the power when you are in charge of SGA can be a good thing or bad. When having power over something you can either be in lack of power, empowered, or abuse power. It is best to be empowered because you’re right in the middle. The first question I asked her was “Does a leader needs power”? “How can a leader avoid being corrupted by having power”? “Having the degree of power that a leader requires is determined by the goals that he/she must achieve. Power is like having control, authority or influence over others people life. Power is used to achieve goals”. I agree with her answer because if leader does not have goals that are achievable, then everything would be hectic and throw others of the SGA body off track. It is best to have goals set for every situation so they can be easily achieved. The next question I asked was “Do you think having the four personal characteristic of power are important”? “The four personal characteristics is very important, when it comes to talking about power”. “The most important would be is personal attraction and expertise. Having expertise is important because you need to be able to have experience and educational background about different issues. It is best to have knowledge and experience being in charge of a large group, so you know what to look forward to when problems and issues arise”. Effort is very important too because it
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