Power Is An Opportunity Tool That Can Be Used For Variety Motives

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Prajesh Mulepati Composition 111 Fall 2016 Dr. Chandler Superhero Essay Power is an opportunity, tool that can be used for variety of motives. A person with superpower can turn either into a hero or a villain, it just depends on ones morals, principles and persona. In this world full of powerful people, use and misuse of power can be seen clearly. Power doesn’t changes ones ethics, it just magnifies one’s ability to achieve greatness. People are not called super heroes just for their power. They are respected as super hero because of their usage of power for the good deeds. Talking about the risk of an overpowered individual, Superman is one of the most powerful individual in comic universe. He has unlimited potential within him. Although he uses his power for the good sake, there is a great risk from him as he has no limits and no one can stop him. It is not his power that makes him a threat, it’s his ethics that features him as risk to the real world. The ultimate concept of overpower reveals the negative appearance which let down ones self-esteem. The potential of an individual power can be controlled, utilized, gained or reverse. An overpowered individual can be considered as a major threat to the world. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, one of the most powerful and infamous dictator, was believed to be a threat to the world peace. He was a charismatic leader who had successfully gained his country’s support. From the beginning of his legacy, he wanted to increase his
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