Power Is Leadership: The Abuse Of Power

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“Power can be used as a tool for success or it can be used as a weapon to destroy” (Dr. Megan Reitz) There is two ways power can be used positive or negative. Power can either be abused or managed, it can be abused to destroy and used based on personal preference or it can be managed and organized to help grow and become something big. This can be proved by our history of leaders all around the world. The leader of Germany in the 1935s was Adolf Hitler he is a perfect example of a negative power leader because he decides to try to wipe out all the Jewish people in Germany. This is an example of him using preference for power. Our formal president Barack Obama used his power to help our country grow. He created Obama care for the poor…show more content…
When people are over confident they believe there bigger and stronger than everyone else, this can lead to them making risky or bad decisions that can hurt others or even themselves. In the article “Power is Leadership” it states “Power affects our decision making by making us feel that our information is more accurate than it is so that we end up taking bigger risk” (Nelson). Power can be abused on someone’s personal preference and for the enjoyment of themselves, power can’t be given to someone because they will always put themselves first. When someone is given power over others sometimes they use is to bully, or used for people based on their preference based on a situation. They could treat people differently just for their skin color, for example, trying to get rid of a whole race just because where they come from. They can also mess with people or bully for the entertainment, and no one could stop them because they are the ones in charge the one with all the power. The article “Power as a tool for fear and negativity” it describes it as “Power wields with the force and is abused against other and many times cuts people down emotionally and also mentally. These are only a couple reasons why power is too dangerous and shouldn’t be given to anybody to control and manage the life of…show more content…
Some people will disagree with the idea that power and authority are not needed to get things done because they believe that power allows the people to build great teams that are capable of getting everything done faster. However, the truth is that this type of power is that it causes higher cost, lower performance, and an increase absenteeism. This means that you may get things done faster, but their performance will be lowered significantly making it not accurate. This is going to cost them more money and the will be wasting money for nothing. The article “ Bully Bosses” states “The fallout of this abuse of power is higher cost, lower performance, an increase in sick time, and disability cost. Power doesn't do any good for people instead of helping it just brings people down, it's not needed for
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