Power Of Government In America Research Paper

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The United States has changed over time making the American citizens question what power of government they are being ruled under. The changes this country has gone through can show the development of the different government powers. The main three government powers: oligarchy, democracy, and plutocracy. The basic definition of an oligarchy is when a small group, or a few people, has control over a country or organization. Democracy is when the power is vested within the people through elected representatives, the people having voting rights. Plutocracy is similar to oligarchy, but it is when the wealthy is in control. The top 1% not only reflects with oligarchy, but with plutocracy as well. American citizens have questioned all three in the…show more content…
Today, the word democracy has been tossed around. In the words of Zhen Han “In modern society, democracy as a symbol of social civilization and progress is cherished” (Zhen Han). Democracy in any society should be because it gives the people of the nation power and liberty. The power of democracy has changed over time and didn’t necessarily work as a positive as it does today. During the ancient Greek times, democracy was split and mostly enjoyed by white males. The same happened in US history. “In the early period of US political history, democratic rights were given only to white males in colonies; today, although all citizens have democratic rights in law, what they really have in political life, in fact, are voting rights” (Zhen Han). If the United States really is a democracy, it has to have those voting rights. “Ideal democracy means that every individual should be respected” (Lihe Dong). The reality of having an ideal democracy is…show more content…
Knowing if America is either of them or a mix, it is no longer a phenomenon because since the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, this country has progressed into a democracy. Women’s Suffrage helped democracy progress even further. The 60’s is when America really started to show the power of democracy, women’s rights. The Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission regulated corporate campaign contributions, helping close the gap. America has changed over time and may not have always been a democracy, plutocracy, or an oligarchy. With the evidence provided, the United States of America is between an ideal democracy and a democracy. The way things are going in the country, it may change, but for now it is a
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