Power Of Language Essay

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It unites and divides, it inspires change and action or it can destroy. It turns the quietest thoughts loud and can be a tool of inspiration and beauty. It can wreck and torment, yet can also bring life and joy. Language is a very powerful tool used by everyone. Our language and the words we use every day have power to change lives and our world. Language is defined as a “method of communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured or conventional way (Google Dictionary).” Whether structured papers or rambling thoughts, everything we think has power because of language. Looking through the history and rules of language, we can see how language can change, why it changes, and who has the power to change…show more content…
Dictionaries, text books, and reading books play a role in setting the standards for languages, but even those books are written by various people who started speaking like every other person. It seems that ultimately, a language is decided on by the people.
In fact, status, age, and job play huge roles in whether what you believe to be right about language is passed on or ignored. If you and your family live in an impoverished neighborhood, then you will hear less words and therefore learn less. Language is created by God for humans to communicate with God and others, yet it is monitored by humans. People invent new words, cut out words or parts of words, and enforce common writing and grammar laws. People with degrees in English or linguistics have more say because they dominate the language world and have more knowledge. Teachers regulate language when they teach their students words, definitions, grammar, structure. Parents or guardians, teachers, pastors, babysitters, and role-models teach others the proper contexts in which to use certain words. While the groups of certain people listed above monitor language, every language changes with or without help from the people who have the most say in regulating languages. When language is passed on to younger generations, language can
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