Power Of Personal Production By 3d Printing

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Power of Personal Production Imagine that you could design a three-dimensional object as quickly as it would take to decide on material and computer design: this idea is what created the technology of 3D printing. From the conception of 3D printing in 1984, to the first stem cell transplant, 3D printing has evolved from a sci-fi like idea to a realistic addition in individual consumer lifestyles. Now instead of relying on large manufactures to produce a special or specific good, the consumer has the power of this production in their own home, creating individuality through cost productive methods of production. "When you produce something yourself instead of purchasing it, that changes your relationship to it," says Chelsea Schelly, assistant professor of social sciences, of 3D printing. "You are empowered by it.” This empowerment is about to spur on a new industrial revolution in the manufacturing and distribution cycle. In essence, this printing revolution will encourage the individual to “create, innovate, and fabricate” their own personal design. In order to obtain a clear understanding of the increasingly popular scientific technology of 3D printing, it is necessary to research the history, current discoveries, and applications; however, maybe the most important topics to be discussed are the future directions, possible hazards, and intentions of this industry.

Although printing has been around for centuries, the beginnings of three dimensional printing can be
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