Power Of Power And Power Control

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According to Joseph (2011), power is ability to affect others to achieve outcomes, which power holder want. Some people can use power to influence others actions and behaviors without holding any high position of authority. By contrast, a number of people in genuine positions are powerless to get desired outcomes by affecting other people. There are some factors which can develop in the course of time such as leadership skill and power control, however, to become an effective leader, he or she has to distinguish various power forms and select her or him own leadership style and characteristic as well as organize unique working environment (Goncalves, 2013). In order to explore how a person operates power and influence in a daily life as well as how an effective leader is, the writer had an interview with a teacher, Cynthia Morgan, in one of the states in the United States. Through the interview, Cynthia shared honestly about her daily tasks while working as a teacher in school and her points of view about wielding power and abiding by others’ power. Firstly, Cynthia is a teacher as well as the head of the Science department in a school in the United States. As a civil servant, she has some duties that she has to complete being the leader that she is. From the interview, clearly Cynthia is a leader who wields power for herself as well as conforms to others power. A true leader is one who gains some control and power when there is a need to and similarly conforms to other

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