Power Of The Fourth Estate : How Does New Media Coverage On Polarized Criminal Justice?

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Power of the Fourth Estate: How does new media coverage on polarized criminal justice cases influence case verdicts, public opinion and policy in the United States?

The disbursement of accurate information is vital for the sustenance of a healthy democracy. It ensures that its citizens are equipped to make responsible, informed decisions pertaining to matters that affect their daily lives. In the United States, the media is referred to as the fourth estate or fourth branch of government (alongside the legislative, executive and judiciary branches). The media has been used as a conduit to broadcast local, state-level, federal-level and international government and social affairs. It may also be used to endorse campaigns, report misuses of (political and social) power as well as provide a platform to exchange difference in view points and policy.
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It is important to examine some of the important methods and terminology that the media utilizes to convey informative information via its news cast outlets. One of which we can relate to is the looping of stories or news reports on major networks. Media looping in its definition presented by Ray Surette is the repetitious


In order to analyze how the media has influence on case verdicts, public opinion, public policy and its governmental regulatory function, there is a need to examine cases…
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