Power Of The President And Congress

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Power of the President and Congress In the United States, a knowledgeable and reliable president should bring a country into economic development and give citizens truth. It is easy to see how a president affects foreign policy. The President has the highest power to decide how to manage, control, and to solve problems. The president and Congress play important roles in running the country regarding foreign policy making. Foreign policy is very significant because it provides peace between countries without going to war. In order to develop the nation’s economy and increase job opportunities, effective foreign policies help to acquire more investments from foreign investors, and it also affects the world’s economy; therefore, foreign …show more content…

The president can make decisions regarding, “Executive agreement or trade agreement” as long as they are beneath “treaty level” with senate confirmation (Welch et al. 335). Even though the president has his own power on hand, Congress still needs to check to see whether the president faithfully performs his bills (Welch et al. 335). As a result, the president’s treaties take effect only if they are passed by “two-thirds of the Senate…” (Welch et al. 335). Furthermore, veto power is another way to effect the lawmaking of the president, but the only exception is that two-thirds of each house can cancel the “president veto” (Welch et al. 309). However, the president is advised that they should not abuse veto power because “president who use the veto too often may appear isolated or uncooperative or may seem to be exercising negative leadership” (Welch et al. 352). Therefore, the “oversight” of Congress is so important to check and control whether the President practices making foreign policy appropriately.
Second, Congress should continue to assert its own role to oversee the president’s work in controlling budget making. Budgeting is one of the most important factors effecting national activities. For example, the government cannot work without a budget; therefore, “the Constitution gave Congress the power to appropriate money and to account for its expenditure” (Welch et al. 311). Congress also oversees the federal budget by using the budget effectively. For example, it

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