Power Of Unchecked Ambition : Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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Rationale William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, centers on the theme of corrupting of power of unchecked ambition. Lady Macbeth plays an important role in the development of the play, as she is the character who initiated one of the main conflicts: the murder of King Duncan. The character Lady Macbeth evolves from being the most sinister character in the play to the guilty and weak woman who, in the end, commits suicide. I chose to focus on the development of Lady Macbeths character because she not only influences the main events in the play, but she also complements Macbeths personality due to the similarities in their character. I chose the format of a diary entry because it allows me to display the true personality of the writer, and include a perspective that is personal. Furthermore, personal opinions can be revealed without any supporting evidence; here, Lady Macbeths expresses her true feeling that she could not share with anyone else due to the complications arising from the murder of the King. The language used is no formal since it is intended for personal purposes and not revealed to the public. The style in which it is written in tries to imitate the way Lady Macbeth would have talked in her time. 10th August 1024 Oh Lord, if my purpose be false then into thine arms I will be contained. Much hath happened on the prolonged and short hours of this day. My murderous husband does now sleep, he who return in the decreasing hours of the afternoon, his previous

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