Power Of Women In The Canterbury Tales

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Many medieval texts seem to focus on depicting men and their adventures fighting evil, they nonetheless have quite a bit to say about women exerting power in these texts. The 2 medieval works that portrays women exerting power is, “The Canterbury tales: the wife of bath’s tale prologue” and “The Canterbury tales: the Miller’s prologue and tale”, both written by Geoffrey Chaucer.
The women in these texts portray their power through sexuality. This is one of the abilities that women can offer to have maximum power. Women are usually shown as an impotent object that can only bare children and are expected to be mothers. Women typically are not seen as warriors or heroes, because of the antifeminist views by men back in the medieval texts. “The Canterbury tales: the wife of bath’s prologue” by Chaucer is about a woman who exercises power and authority through her instrument of sexuality towards her husbands. This woman has utter control over her men, which proves the statement that women do exert power over men in these medieval passages. The second passage called, “The Canterbury tales: the Miller’s prologue and
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Till we be fast, and thane we wool hem shewe- wel may that be prover be of a shrewel.” (288-290). This illustrates that women will hide their true self or immorality until they are married. Then they will show their wickedness. The woman says that a scoundrel writes this. What she is saying contradicts how she behaves. Is she believes that what the scoundrel said is a lie, then she has no excuse to behave the way she does to her husbands, except the fact that her husbands are henpecked. The wife also has an entertaining side of her, which is seemingly positive. The woman already has five husbands that worship her, but she says that she would marry a sixth man if he ever appeared. As stated in “The Canterbury tales: the Miller’s prologue and
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