Power Over Gender Roles

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Question 11
In discussion to the “power to”, it refers to skills and abilities, and implies a kind of freedom (Lebeuf & Mclean, 1997). The term “power over”, which is more of a domination type of power (Lebeuf & Mclean, 1997). These to relate to one another by the “power to” being dominate in attributes causes a person to be “power over” other people in a dominate way. Because of this a person must be “power to” in order to have “power over” (Lebeuf & Mclean, 1997). This raises the question of whether or not sex has power and what sex is the dominate power? Traditionally men have dominated their power over females and males have asserted themselves as the empowered dominant sex. In result of this women were originally forced into the
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These five behavioural roles are expected in correctional intuitions according to Lynn and it defines one’s career path. These behaviours are how one’s male colleagues will look at the female as a contributor in the organization. Once a label like this is stuck to a female it is nearly impossible to change through the eyes of one’s colleagues.
Question 13
There are many experiences regarding sexuality and harassment in corrections shown in the study conducted by Mantello (2003). A female was five months pregnant when she entered the corrections facility. To her coworkers she was seen as a handicap in the organization who could not perform her duties. Because of Laura’s pregnancy her male coworkers over looked the fact she was a competent, ready professional who was ready to take on the job and harassed her by calling her “honey” and to “take a load off, we’ll look after it honey.” Laura had multiple occasions when she was told
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Three key takeaways for me was for one when Pete told his story about his wife’s approach in the scenario with the crying baby compared to her male coworkers. The alternative perspective on police stories are very insightful on the ways people think and act. Another takeaway was when Renee was telling her story about the chase with the K9 unit. She was shocked with the physicality with the job and when she climbed the fence she ripped her pants wide open. This resulted in her having to pursue the culprit with torn open pants, which she said was very humbling experience. This was a key takeaway to me because the way she openly admitted that men are genetically more physically dominant then females and it showed how women may have more of a physical struggle in the justice profession. She also told us about when the first time she went to roll call and the secretaries were sitting on the sergeant’s lap. I took this as a surprise because it is crazy to think that not too long ago this happened; furthermore, after the sexual harassment charges in Calgary it shows how little we have progressed. Renee’s presentation was very beneficial in regards to out course content. I only wish she could have stayed longer because I feel she could have gone on for much longer and we could have had more class discussion (Personal communication, Renee Scotland, January 19,
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