Power Plane Analysis Of Phot Ovoltaic Module For Maximum Power Point

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POWER PLANE ANALYSIS OF PHOT OVOLTAIC MODULE FOR MAXIMUM POWER POINT TRCKING Marimuthu K M.E. Power System G.C.T., Coimbatore- 641013 Marimuthu1980mano@gmail.com Dr. N.Narmadhai Assistant Professor Department of EEE G.C.T., Coimbatore- 641 013 narmadhai@gct.ac.in Abstract- A MPPT is a major roll of pv module. Now a days various types of MPPT technique is used in pv module.But new MPPT technique is presented in this paper.A new technique which exploits the resistance characterstics of the pv cells .An analysis of i-v characterstics of the pv module in the i-v plane.The maximum possible rectangle has been determine by i-v chractersis of the pv module and variying the series resistance of the pv module. The result obtain through powersimulation software by using 60watts pv module. Key words – i) Effect of series resistance ii) i-v characterstics iii) Power region iv) Power Plane Analysis v)Maximum Power Point Tracking. 1. INTRODUCTION Renewable energy sources exist in nature which are regenerative or inexhaustible like solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal, biomass, tidal, and wave energy. Most of these alternative sources are the manifestation of solar energy. India is implementing one of the world’s largest programs in renewable energy. The country ranks second in the world in biogas utilization and fifth in wind power and photovoltaic production. Renewable source contribute to about 5% the total power generating capacity in country. The renewable
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