Power Quality Issues Of A Grid Connected Micro Grid

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POWER QUALITY ISSUES OF A GRID CONNECTED MICRO GRID PROJECT REPORT Submitted by Zeeshan Ahmed Mohammed CWID – 11612268 MASTERS OF SCIENCE in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Oklahoma State University TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE LIST OF TABLES 3 LIST OF FIGURES 3 ABSTRACT 4 INTRODUCTION 4 SECTION 1 – General Description of the Grid 5 SECTION 2– Challenges of Micro Grid 6 SECTION 3 – Line and Block diagram of Proposed Model 7 SECTION 4 – Equations for Modeling 9 SECTION 5 – Simulation Diagram and Analysis 10 5.1- Working Algorithm 11 5.2- Use of…show more content…
If the power quality is poor, it will have drastic effect on the appliances associated with the power distribution network. A micro grid is a local grid that has the ability to operate by itself even when it gets disconnected from the main grid. It provides backup in case of emergencies that render the main grid nonfunctional. This paper provides a detailed study of the changes in power quality for a grid connected micro grid in the various scenarios. MATLAB/Simulink is used to integrate the power sources with the loads. The variable nature of power with distributed generators is examined. Key words – Micro grid, Photovoltaic, Distributed generators, Wind Turbine, Capacitor bank, Inverter. INTRODUCTION: The process of maintaining sinusoidal power, and voltage at rated magnitude and frequency is called power quality. The imbalance in voltage and harmonic
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