Power Structure During The Era Of Slavery Essay

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Karan Singh Chetri
Dr. Subarno Chatterjee
M.A. English (Final)
Power Structure During the Era of Slavery
Roaring fear of the state of slavery during the late eighteenth century was not that it displaced only millions of poor African people from their homeland to the united states, but also founded the business of black body as a commodity which was inhuman and was politically, culturally, and socially all together well upholded for the next coming hundred years. This paper shall first examine the condition of African people as mere commodity and later investigate both social and political consequences of the sexual objectification that was neglected during the slavery era by the means of analyzation of slave‟s narration by Harriet Jacob. Furthermore the existence of mulatto class gave long lasting effects to slavery. The white slave owners violated everything and executed their own perceived rights of treating the black body as a commodity, abused the slaves and by this means producing mixed race known as the mulatto children. All factors like political, social, economic and also religious helped in maintaining consideration of treating the black body as a commodity. As a result of being treated as a commodity, black bodies were given disciplined subjects; indebted forever to the desire of white men. At the same time the wives of the white planters were to be socially remain silent publically, quietly facing their husbands abuse and betrayal,
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