Power Struggle Between The Student Jack And Freddy The Hamster

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This case portrays a power struggle between the student Jack and Freddy the hamster. Along with that we also see the struggle of power between Jack’s mother and classroom, teacher, PAC, principle, school and community. There the key figures involved in this case at a micro level are Freddy, Jack, Jack’s mother, Carole Simpson, the PAC and principle. At the macro level, the groups that will be influenced heavily due to the consequences of the solution, are the rest of the students within the original classroom, the school in general and as well as the society.

The facts within this case portray Jack’s mother as a over- involved and demanding mother. Being an upper class woman, she knows how to voice her opinion, if ignored and she uses her resources in doing so. She is also seen to be a strong opinionated woman with little or none cooperative nature. The teacher, as claimed by the PAC and her colleagues, is very well established and competent of a teacher with a lot of experience and history with the school. Freddy the hamster is an integral part of the learning process for the students in Ms. Simpson’s class. Simpson states that Freddy contributes with “scientific understanding of living organisms” as well as “knowledge of social responsibility”. Freddy, however, is the center of the case as Jack’s mother believes him to e the cause of Jack’s allergies. The physician has diagnosed jack’s condition as allergies, however “hamster allergy” is self-diagnosed by Jack’s mother.…
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