Power Systems Of Electric Vehicles

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I. INTRODUCTION Since the industrial revolution started, the acceleration of technology development never stopped. However, with the development of new technologies, environment is suffering the consequences. The rate of Carbon dioxide is increasing rapidly. To mitigate this pollution, the concept of electric vehicle arose. The electric vehicles contribute in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions[1]. Thus, the use of electric vehicles is getting more popular as time goes by. As a result of that, electric vehicles must be integrated to the electric grid. They will be treated as electric loads, which means that all concepts of power system will be applied on them. Therefore, when electric vehicles are charged, they will cause voltage drop on the distribution feeders. Hence, the presence of voltage regulators might change the voltage response of the system. II. VOLTAGE REGULATION OVERVIEW. In power Systems Distribution, voltage regulation is an important concept. It deals with ways to maintain a good voltage profile delivered to the customers. The voltage level at the customer node has to be maintained within a specified range. There are many standards that determine customer’s voltage range. Some standards assume a variation of +10% or -10%. However, it is determined by the utility based on their circumstances. III. VOLTAGE REGULATION METHODS The concept of voltage regulation associated with the electrical distribution system is caused by the radial
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