Power and Politics

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Running Header: Power and Politics Power and Politics Paper Wanda F. Carter Power and Politics A collective group of people with general goals is how organizations are first established and built. In order the goals to be achieved people will need to work together and behave in a way that is governed by rules, regulations, policies and other methods that have been established by the organization. This is normally accomplished through the process of influencing behaviors. Power is a task of ties of give-and-take and politics is the establishment and process of the application of power. “Power can be defined as the capacity of one party to influence the other parties and to act as first party desires. Power can…show more content…
"Power is the property of the system at rest and politics is the study of power in action" (Spicer, 1997, pg., 130). For example, Wal-Mart is currently the largest retailer in its industry but there are unfair power practices that exist in the company and management is directly or indirectly involved in the politics. Power and politics may be the same, but there are some differences between the two as well. In regards to leadership and management the objective of power and politics are different from one other. The purpose of power is to influence others for desirable behavior but all behaviors can not be treated as political. The purpose of politics is a self centered. For example, demanding for pay desire by an employee is not a political behavior, but the use of the threat to increase the pay would be a political act. Personal changes like transfers, promotions, and from personal experience difference of opinions are main reason behind the political behavior within an organization. Leadership Practices and Role of Power and Politics Leadership is the process to influence the behavior of others, to achieve a goal or a target. Leading is extremely critical in an organization in terms of motivating the behavior of organizational employees in the right direction. Effective leadership ensures that employees remain motivated and work in the right direction. Effective leaders bind the entire organization, resolve

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