Power and Politics for Steve Jobs and Apple

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Both divisions with global sales team was scrambling to get help for it. Since it was central it can be called as scarce also. Jobs was looking at distribution system primarily to reduce cost structure of his Macintosh division. External market condition, rising cost, lower operating cost was uncertainly for Jobs and his division. The goal of central distribution system as a resource, under Donna, was ambiguous. Donna thought the goal of distribution system was to facilitate new product development by not causing delay in product delivery. For her cost was not a goal. She thought Apple was off-the-shelf business and hence needed to maintain inventory. However, Job’s thought on distribution system were different. For him cost structure of distribution system was not transparent and he viewed opportunity in cost saving at distribution system. This ambiguity over distribution system roles, created a framing problem and Jobs grabbed this opportunity to frame it as a cost problem in distribution strategy.
When Jobs complained about cost in September 1984 distribution strategy then Donna and Weaver lacked empathy to understand Jobs concern. They did not worked with him to address the cost structure. Instead they showed surprise and defended themselves by showing their outstanding service record. This alienated Jobs and he was forced to look for solution elsewhere and consulted Fred Smith from Fedex who was familiar…
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