Power in International Relations

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The conception is power in International Relations is a key to a better understanding of the discipline. In many cases the definition of power affects the way in which many issues are tackled in foreign policy or security. There are many theories that try to deal with the conception of power, however they make a rather large number of assumptions that might make them difficult to applicable in real life. Furthermore many of them does not take into consideration that power evolves, therefore if we want to understand and conceptualize power in the international sphere it is crucial to analyze different theories and conceptions of it.This essay will argue that power is a broad term that can best be conceptualized and explained in IR by a multiplicity of theories. In making this argument, this essay will first explain why power power is crucial in the study of International Relations. Then two theories of power from the realist tradition , one of the neoliberalist tradition, one of postmodernism and a critical theory of realism will be outlined. This theories of power will be explained and compared in order to create a complete conceptualization of the term power than can be applied to the twentieth first century

The realist view of International Relations explains that power is crucial for International Relations because every state is in the pursuit of it. Furthermore the words power and powerful are used very often in the international spectrum, however a definition of it
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