Power of Communication

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Power of Communication Introduction: Communication is the basic human need to share meanings and express ideas and thoughts and that can be achieved by the exchange of information between the society members. The process of communication is defined by the technology available, culture and protocols of communication. Political scientists are interested in political communication through studying the interaction communication between the political system and the political process generally and they confirmed the importance of the fundamental relationship between them, they called for re-examination and analysis of political science based on communication theories. Politics is difficult to be found without communication because there must…show more content…
The means of mass communication possesses the characteristics and capabilities of multiple distinct from those when its counterparts from groups or opinion leaders, are in any case means mass communication addresses the daily huge cross sections of the population with one voice. The means of communication and media are necessary and important to make effectively communication links and interactions are always open between the ruler and the governed. Definitely, mass communication has evolved technically accompanied by the technological development happened to human societies in all fields, in ancient societies (Greek and Roman society), political community was limited and number of citizens who can be covered by ruling messages was known, so it was direct speeches and forums in public places established in open air or in the theaters of the city that was one of the most forms of political communication, so it was politicians highly dependent on rhetoric and the ability to inference to convince they governed, This free space for debate and political communication that helped to create direct democracy known as the Athenian democracy, But with the development of human societies and the expansion of political activity field appearance regimes of modern political became not possible to rely solely on speeches and seminars, which includes a limited number of citizens, but became necessary to find a communication to spread and includes a wide segment of
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