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The Power of Knowledge "Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of every progress." This quote from Kofi Annan, a diplomat of Ghana involved with the United Nations, directly correlates with an overall theme found in Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington. This autobiography clearly depicts trials and tribulations that confronted Washington, but not one of them is ever noted as anything less than a learning experience. Washington's passion for learning enabled him to surpass boundaries perceived by those who allowed themselves to merely become victims of their circumstances. He looked at the struggles that faced him as opportunities to become a stronger and more confident person. Success did not come…show more content…
Nevertheless, the difficulties that face society today only complicate this controversy further. While education could never be fully replaced by experience, experience is still pivotal. When companies and organizations look to hire for positions, they are forced to weigh both the education and the experience that applicants have to offer. Society rests so much esteem on attaining a degree that the need for experience is often undermined. Although education is much more readily accessible today than during the time of Booker T. Washington's life, many individuals still do not take the college or higher level learning route because there is another avenue that they are more interested in or they are not readily equipped for the more strenuous caliber of work that is required. Still, those individuals that enter straight into a career-field can compete right alongside those who have taken the time to attain a degree. Degree programs most often require internships or career-simulation programs, but nothing can beat real world experience. Experience teaches life skills first hand. There is only so much about the world that can be read from a textbook or remembered from a lecture. It means more to an individual when they have to handle situations themselves and when they also have more at stake than a grade. Having a college degree should be highly respected because it proves that an individual is capable of reaching long term goals, meeting deadlines, successfully

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