Power of One Essay

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In Bryce Courtenay’s The Power of One, the main character, Peekay the majority of his friends by means of a violent and unexpected death. “Death was violent and ugly like Grandpa Chook and Geel Piet, or even a macambre like Big Hettie. Death, as I had come to know it in Africa, had no gentle slipping awayness about it, no dignity.” Depending on your faith, death can bring about new life, or an end to everything. If you choose to believe the latter, as it can be assumed that Peekay did, these powerful things called loneliness birds hatch their stone eggs inside of you. “…laid stone eggs deep inside of you until you filled up with heaviness and despair. “ Granpa Chook was Peekay’s best friend for the earliest part of his…show more content…
“And then he died right there in my arms.” After this period of bonding, Hettie passed away. “Big Hettie gave a little jerk and the pressure on my hand increased momentarily. Then her huge hand opened and she slid back into the pillows. For such a big, loud woman it was such a small, quiet death”. For a while, the loneliness birds stayed away. Until Peekay’s boxing coach was killed. Geel Piet was Peekay’s first real boxing coach. He taught Peekay an eight punch combination making him one of the few kids his age able to do so. Geel Piet met Peekay when he went to visit Doc at the Barberton Prison, where Geel Piet was imprisoned. Since Geel Piet was of mixed descent, he was treated poorly by the warders in the prison. Geel Piet died on the night of Doc’s concert at the hands of Captain Borman. “Geel Piet lay face down, as though he had fallen, his arms stretched out to either side of him. His head lay in a pool of blood where he had hemorrhaged from the nose and mouth. “ Doc was a German professor that took Peekay under his wing. He was kind and very patient, for he taught Peekay most of what he knows. Despite his many adventures with Peekay, Doc was aging and almost at the point of death. This Peekay knew, but never really thought about because the thought was too unbearable. “I often thought of him growing old, unable to do the things we’d done in the past, but I never thought of him as disappearing, not being there, not being a part of my
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