Power of Peer Pressure Essay

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Power of Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be used in many ways. Animal Farm is an allegory by George Orwell. It is about farm animals that weren’t satisfied of how their farm is run so they rebel. They make 7 commandments being “All animals are equal” the most important one. The book shows how total equality is hard to achieve and power corrupts. The novel uses peer pressure to control and manipulate what is happening on the farm. It is evident on how the action of the animals changes. It is evident on how Boxer’s way of thinking changes. It is also evident in the actions of the sheep and what it does to the other animals. Peer pressure plays a big role in this novel.

The pigs use peer pressure to greatly influence the
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Another motto that Boxer has is that “Napoleon is always right.” When Napoleon says something, even though it is not proper, Boxer is always the one who believes it first. Again, because of Boxer’s reputation in the farm whatever he does, the animals tend to follow and in turn it benefits the pigs’ ambitions. On the other hand, not only Boxer was the one who pressures the animals, the sheep, who was used by the pigs, also took part in pressuring the animals.

The sheep are being used by the pigs to pressure the other animals. The sheep are not that smart therefore they can easily follow someone or be used in the wrong way. The pigs teach the sheep chants to say. This shows how the pigs use their intelligence to persuade and pressure the sheep in doing what they want. Due to these chants the sheep say, protests coming from the animals were stopped and some were stopped even before they were started. The chant that is being used is to pressure the animals into stopping the protests. The sheep also were used to chant until the animals accept these chants. The repetition of these chants annoys and pressures the animals into accepting them. This is how peer pressure was used by the pigs using the sheep.

Peer pressure plays a big role in this novel. It is being used to manipulate and control the animals. It also being used to control and manipulate the sheep and Boxer in specific. However, Boxer and the sheep becomes an instrument that pressures the other animals
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