Power of Stories- Tim O'Brien

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Power of Stories “ You can tell a true story if you just keep on telling it” Tim O’Brien Are fiction stories always based on imagination? Or does it come from someone’s reality? Have you ever asked yourself why people read fiction stories? Either told through movies or books, fiction stories are ways people find to escape from their reality. However, most of the fiction stories come from people’s life, or are based in a real fact in order to be credible. In some ways, the truth must be distorted to be understandable, because sometimes it can be too complex to be explained. Both Reading Lolita in Tehran, by Azar Nafisi, and How To Tell a True Story, by Tim O’Brien, attempt to discover the truth even if it was exemplified by fiction,…show more content…
On the other hand, O’Brien’s passage relates the importance of fiction when telling a story. For him the truth is not specifically what is being described, but the feelings the reader has when reading it. In conclusion, both authors talk about their work through tough situations to discover truth. Nasifi uses fiction to escape her reality, and to study what is different from what she has seen, while O’Brien uses a different perspective of fiction, which get the readers attention to seek what true really means. However, both aim to discover the implicit truth, behind the fiction
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