Powerful Mass Media Campaigning On Canada

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Farrell, Simon POLI 101 April 8th, 2015 Dr. Allan Craigie Powerful Mass-Media Campaigning in Canada The media has never had the extreme omnipresence it had during the most recent federal elections. For more and more people the media is becoming something habitual, and politicians were among the first to take advantage of this fact. Be it a parties usage of online social platforms, 24-hour news broadcasting stations, or circa the 1800s printed word, there is no doubt the typical citizen feels connected in some regards to this mass of media. With most third-party communication technologies surfacing within the recent decades, the general affect on citizens ' lives is not fully understood. This connection is immense and complex, but it can…show more content…
The influence of the media is not only too powerful, it also comes with a degree of skepticism. Media is agreed to be a entertaining and helpful phenomenon that todays consumers may receive content through newspaper, television, radio, magazine, video, and the internet. This spectrum of entertainment platforms along with the mass appeal drawn by the national election innovates a massive market, but the ownership remains in very few hands today. Major support for the dominant media companies are almost exclusively between banks, the government, and other larger organizations (Clarke, 21). All three of these players driven by quantity, this puts a pressure on media outlets to firstly attract, and secondly inform. In her examination of the leap to social media during the 2011 federal elections, Beange and Roebuck suggest that top-notch marketing techniques take a clearly primary position over the ‘information-heavy’ side of campaigning. “Twitter users seem to be attracted to events and causes, something the parties should note for future elections… The Liberal Party focused on creating social proof by emphasizing articles about the party through social media websites taking advantage of the multiplier effect that occurs when a person shares an article in social media. The Bloc Québécois, while weak in terms of its information-heavy website, was quite strong with regard to
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