Powerless Image Analysis

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After watching the video I was able to conclude that every time I take a test I give the image of powerless without knowing it. The reason I believe this is because just like the example given on the video my actions are similar while taking a test. I tend to put my hand around my neck which provides a powerless image because it shrinking the body up. Therefore, my image seems weeks because usually when a human is frighten it crumbles up. Many people give these body messages without knowing or saying a word. Posing negatively can affect the person’s attitude probably causing for the person to do bad. For example, when I walk into a class, and I am going to have a test, that I do not feel confident about. Usually when I sit on my desk I am…show more content…
I tried the high power pose skill to see if my students would get a different image. When I spoke I had my arms with open and posted with a firm posture. This got the students attention and I was able to explain my lesson to the kids. My co-workers told me I got the students attention because my pose demonstrated I was superior and the one in charge. I even felt more confident talking to my students with the power pose. I was able to communicate better because I felt more secure and was able to answer any doubts with out a problem. Usually when I teach my chess lessons I had second thoughts if there are better moves than what I’m showing. Now after learning the power pose I feel more assertive, and I am able to have a better communication relationship with my students. This pose affected my communication skills in a positive. way. My communication skills were positively affected in the sense that now I am more secure chess coach, and I can reach out to my students better. After trying out the new skill I learn from the video I was able to conclude that the body does change the mind. The reason for these believes was because even when I was speaking to my students I felt
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