Powerpoint : A Presentation Tool

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From the classroom to the boardroom and everything in between, PowerPoint has become synonymous with presentations. Instructors use PowerPoint to simplify complicated or lengthy text. The military makes use of the visual presentation tool as well, most notably, in regards to the Boston Marathon bombings of 2013. Sgt. 1st Class, James Lally, a Massachusetts Guards spokesmen, says in an email, “I counted 127 (presentations) in the operations folder so it safe to say more than 127.” Those slides consisted of a lot of bullets, detailed reports, illustrations and photographs that led to the orchestration of a city lock down, detainment of suspects and eventual return to order for Boston. Today in the business world, success depends on presentation skills; from internal presentations to external presentations, PowerPoint can be utilized in many facets of business. Professionals from all fields and departments need to know how to present effectively and can use PowerPoint the tool to aid in that efficiency.

Companies or organizations use PowerPoint for a variety of internal presentations. With internal presentations the audience will consist of all or some of the following; your boss, board members, colleagues, peers and other company decisions makers. The PowerPoint presentation should reflect the culture of the company, whether it be serious or formal while meeting the presentation goals. An internal pitch has the goal of gaining approval or funding for a project. Activity
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