Ppd Case Studies

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You would expect in the first few months after a new birth to be joyful and exciting for a new mother and her family but is that always the case? Unfortunately no. It is quite often that women feel as if they have lost their personal identity and have surrendered themselves to this new life. A lot of women also feel a sense of guilt for not being able to properly care for their child if they are feeling ill after the birthing experience. According to the CDC or Center of Disease Control it is estimated that around 15% of women suffer from postpartum depression. (Pregnancy and Birth, 2013). Most cases of PPD are determined within the first three months of the child’s birth. While it is not always the case, PPD is seen more in women who are…show more content…
“In some studies of young children whose mothers had postpartum depression, it has been suggested that the children have increased cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal problems than mothers who did not have postpartum depression” (Garabedian, 2010). There is evidence that infants whose mother suffer from PPD has a slower growth rate and are not as likely to meet their milestones by the suggested age. This is due to the withdrawal of the mother and the lack of bond between the mother and child. Children are also found to be more vulnerable to frustration and anxiety which can affect the child for many years. This puts the child in heightened risk for both emotional and behavioral problems. The effects of Postpartum Depression has been proven to have long-term effects on both the mother and her child. Therefore, it is vital that a woman who believes that she may be affected by PPD be evaluated as soon as possible to allow for proper diagnoses and treatment from her provider. As with many other conditions it is important for these mothers to have support system that helps encourage them to be the best parent possible. With both awareness and proper treatment mothers can experience a stronger bond with their children that will help allow them to
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