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Life as an inefficient point on the PPF is just an agonizing reminder that I will never live up to my full potential. I am just a grain of sand far from the coast of unrealized identity and I feel as though that I am losing the little dignity I had by the tons every waking moment that I exist. Unfortunately, I do not feel as though that I am a burden on the frontier or that my existence will slow those who are more significant than me, but rather, I know that my continuation to live is unnecessary for the benefit of others and my life does not harm nor help anyone. But, to be fair, all the other points on the PPF are not living the luxury either. Both the productivity and allocatively efficient points have already reached their potential and are already finding ways to benefit the consumers, but…show more content…
The one point that will always look down on you with its piercing, smug grin. All the point does is creates unreachable goals for those below it and to those points who are not as prosperous, like myself, make them feel as though that they are either not pushing themselves hard enough to achieve the destiny that does not exist, or makes them feel that they will never be as blessed as the unattainable and that their best solution is to wait until they are eventually forgotten or to float further into the waves of disappointment and depression.The unattainable will often point out your own downfalls and mistakes and will repeatedly make you want to fade away faster, but not to me. I am already aware of my own failures and the thought of being anything more than just a distraction has left years ago, along with my dreams, passions, and love and hope for others. Life on the frontier as an inefficient point is underutilizing and with all the resources I have left mean nothing more to me than the useless years, decades, and centuries that are slowly creeping up onto
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