Essay on Ppg Developing a Self Directed Work Force

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Running Head: PPG: Developing a Self-Directed Work Force

Final Paper
Raul Polo Jr.
Carlos Albizu University

Submitted To: Dr. Adkins
November 6th , 2011

GEB-314 Group & Organizational Dynamics


A self-directed workforce is where the employees manage themselves and can perform multiple tasks. No need for a lot of middle management, because the employees will manage each other and themselves. A company like PPG wanted to implement a self-directed workforce because it saves them money in the long run. The workers union in a non-self-directed workforce gave them headaches. The workers were only allowed to perform one job task. It prevented them from working efficiently. If a machine
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At least the technicians in this case would also be responsible for problem solving duties, thus giving him more responsibility, more opportunities, and possible intrinsic rewards. Since everyone is a technician, I bet they would have more of a team atmosphere. Everyone would be equally responsible for a project. Plus, everyone would have opportunities become senior technicians over time. This resentment is also partially due to the hiring process.
If the supporters were really self-motivated, then they would consistently ask to be taught something they don’t know.

Coordinators worrying about working themselves out of a job:
Similar to Kerr’s motivation problem, Kerr had several examples where a motivation leads to a negative or oppositely intended action. They need to be assured that their job is secure. The plant has a finite size, so there will need to be a finite number of coordinators. Have that number be guaranteed so no coordinators will be let go. Make sure coordinators train a certain number of people every day/week/month. That’ll help them secure their job. Plus, get rewards for training. Let them know, there’s always room for improvement. There are an infinite number of projects that need to be coordinated all of the time. 360 degree evaluation process might work here.
A 36 week job rotation:
The solution to this problem is to increase more ergonomic equipment and
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