Pr Professionals : The Global Market

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PR professionals must broaden their market to adapt to the globalizing economic environment. Everyone knows about China’s impressive economic charge into the global market. But it makes sense to learn about reputed and veteran PR firms who know the ropes of the state-run media and regulated markets. Government affairs always intertwine with PR, so PR strategies must adapt to this fact. PR work is as much a relationship with the government as it is with the people.

One of the worst things a western PR firm is port their western marketing strategies into China. This is because of many cultural and political differences, many of which can create many a faux pas that could damage Chinese perception of western business. That said, take a look at three well-to-do PR firms below, and consider studying their ways before expanding into China.

1. Illuminant Partners

Based in China, Illuminant Partners focuses on advanced agency management technology. Their thoughtful website shows a rich history of clientele. In Architecture alone, the firm has worked with Asia Project Link, BVN Bligh Voller Neild, CCDI, Cox Group, Diane Bernstein Design, Dickson Rothschild, UAI United Architects International, and Woods Bagot. Other fields include businesses in Art, Automobile, Banking and Finance, Beverages, Building Materials, Civil Engineering, Consumer Electronics, Construction, Education, Energy, Event Management and Services, Fashion, Fast Food, Food Safety, Footwear, Furniture and…
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