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Persuasion is the attempt to win someone to one's own point of view. The person that is performing the persuading may have good intentions for persuading others, as long as it does not become manipulation it can be seen as a good approach. Ones who use manipulation have selfish intents.

I am talking with my manager to change my work schedule and I want to persuade her into allowing me to be off on Saturday rather than Friday. The approach I would use in this situation would be to appeal to reason. The store is very busy on Friday night so I would express how the more help we have available on this night, less frustration between customers and employees will take place. My regular off day have been on Friday, but since
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I will tell him about the many businesses people of all races have started all over the world. There are a number of Black people who started businesses with every cent they had and had to live with others; in their cars or in the business until they could afford to do better. People have fought and died so that people will not be judge by the color of their skin. Not all businesses are a success and it does take a lot to run a business, but changing management does not mean the end of that business.

Having a persuasive conversation with an open-minded person can be very interesting. The type of persuasion I would use would be positive optimism. I wanted to ask my neighbor to help plan an event in the neighborhood for young children, to keep them out of trouble. My neighbor's and I both have children around the age group of a few children in the neighborhood. We are able to relate how these children need some things to do and this would be a chance for everyone to get to know each other. We can teach them to get alone with others; how to help others when needed and how to keep the neighborhood a great place. We both have experience working with youth and can make a difference in their lives.


There are different type of thinking people respond to. Some have have open-mind and others do not. In any argument we think about-how will this affect me; what will I gain from this;
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