Practical Applications of an Information Privacy Plan

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Assignment 1 Alexander Winkka HRM320 Instructor Diane Moffat 9-27-2014 Abstract In this paper I will address the three questions for each of the three scenarios required by the Case Study: Practical Applications of an Information Privacy Plan which can be found in Chapter 16 of the text Human Resource Information Systems: Basics, Applications, and Future Directions, Second Edition. Keywords: case study Assignment 1 Scenario 1: Roger, a photocopier technician, has been asked to repair an office photocopier that just broke down while someone was copying a grievance matter against an employee of the agency. The officer who was copying the file takes the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and leaves Roger in the photocopy…show more content…
Scenario 2: Tom telephones a student at home about attending a misconduct hearing. The student is not at home; however, the student’s partner, Christine, answers the phone. She states that she knows all about the misconduct hearing but asks for clarification of the allegations. When pressed, Tom provides further details. Tom feels comfortable about providing this information to Christine because she is the student’s partner, and she has already told Tom that she knows all about her partner’s misconduct hearing. 1. What information privacy principles (IPPs) have been breached? Answer: Tom has breached the IPP 11 privacy principle because he has gained knowledge about the reason for the call which is considered a misconduct hearing. 2. How? Answer: Christine provided him with the information even though she did not know that her partner is involved in the misconduct allegation. 3. What you would do to address the situation? Answer: Tom should have provided his name and his contact information and should have asked for the student to return his call as soon as he could. Tom should have not provided any more personal information to the third party which was Christine unless she was a family member. Scenario 3: Brad works in a student administration center, and Janet is a student. They know each other, as they
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