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Multiple Choice Questions 1. If it is literally false that Gardenburger's competitor is not “mushroom in origin” then what category of misleading advertising does this fall into? A) direct false claim B) claim-belief discrepancy C) inferential discrepancy D) interpretation discrepancy E) none of the above Answer: A Page: 281 and 306 Difficulty: moderate 2. Perception is a process that begins with consumer exposure and attention to marketing stimuli and ends with consumer _____. A) interpretation B) attitudes C) action D) acceptance E) behavior Answer: A Page: 282 Difficulty: moderate…show more content…
What type of exposure does this represent? A) involuntary B) non-voluntary C) voluntary D) selective E) considered Answer: C Page: 285 Difficulty: moderate 17. A study by WPP Group suggests which group of consumers are the most likely to consider buying products they see in movies? A) males B) females C) younger consumers D) older consumers E) gay consumers Answer: C Page: 286 Difficulty: moderate 18. Program-length commercials with an 800 number and/or Web address through which to order or request additional information are known as _____. A) infomercials B) direct-to-consumer advertisements C) advertorials D) infotorials E) product placement Answer: A Page: 286 Difficulty: easy 19. The manufacturer of the Little Giant Ladder runs a commercial that is 60 minutes long. The inventor of the ladder shows the versatility and uniqueness of this ladder, and several “regular” people demonstrate how easy it is to use. In fact, this ladder is over 20 ladders in one because of the many different ways it can be configured. Viewers can call the 800 number or visit the Web site to purchase this product. This is an example of a(n) _____. A) product placement B) advertorial C) advertising
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